Last two (2) Saturdays, 9th and 16th of March 2013, the first ever cultural show held at the KTEP projektgebäude where our talented scholars and parents had competed into 5 different categories: Painting/Poster Making and Dancing during the 1st cultural competition, cooking, theater and battle of the band on the second. All individually contestants in painting/drawing category went on stage to present their own point of view highlighting the theme “My Dream World”. They all had the spirit facing the judges and viewers and uttered what they really wanted to say. In dancing, 2 groups and 1 pair of scholars performed 3 different dances including Philippine dance.  They made the best dance steps on the dance floor. During the second Saturday, cooking and theater held on the same time, while theater is going on, cooking participants are in the kitchen starting to cook their own menu. Chicken meat, tuna fish and shrimps are the main courses. Scholars are also good actors and actresses. They have played their roles very well.  Theater scenes are portrayed realistically, about family and the existent situation of scholars. They became more alive as we proceeded to the battle of the band. Some are singing along with, others are shouting and cheering for their bet band. In the end, judges made a good choice of winners.
Here are some pictures taken during the Cultural Event:
cultural 3 cultural 2 cultural 1
cultural 4 cultural 5 cultural 6
cultural 12 cultural 10 cultural 11
cultural 7 cultural 8 cultural 9
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cultural 15 cultural 13 cultural 14

PAINTING                                                                                                     POSTER MAKING

1st placer – Cathy Matas and Lore Belen Lagumbay                     Ariel Tubo

2nd – Jennylou Torrion                                                                            Pamela Segador & Joshua Tabuñag

3rd – Jonamie Salceda                                                                               Jerlyn Lagumbay



1st – 1st Contestant (Sony Boy Sagal, Krisna Sheen Niadas, Jan Roy Ditua and Ethel Grace Oro)

2nd – 2nd Contestant (Javier Baarde, Jennelou Sidayon, Rowell Montaño, Geralyn, Longos, Bepray Pasagad and Mary Rose Lozada)

3rd – 3rd Contestant (Ariel Rulida and Queen Edsarlyn Baillo)



1st – 3rd Contestant (Helen de Juan (Group Leader), Leomar Jay Oblianda, Rhogen Ornido, Jeffrey Magbanua and Nissan Roldan Tamayo)

2nd – 2nd Contestant (Bonnie Marayag (parent), Mariel Javier, Michelle Morales and Melogena Resomadero)

3rd – 1st Contestant (Aracelli Tabanao (parent) Daren Keith Abuga, Jay-ar Al-ag, Jean Gladys Abas, Jamulla Mohamad and Soriano Abon)


1st – 3rd Contestant (Amor Campaña (narrator) Aleja Abella, Aiza Alibuyog, Aime Aya-ay , Aireen Bete, Myla Rica Caraballe, Julius Belarma, Anthony Abella, Arnold Mercado and Karl Ritz Simon)

2nd – 2nd Contestant (Vanessa Dumagil, April Joy Palaca, April Ortiz, Tessie Delfin, Jessa Sidayon and Arnel Tatoy)

3rd – 1st Contestant (Shantriel Filan (narrator) Claire Marie Jardeliza, Jeyne Mae Algones, Agnes Arellano, Elvie Biol, Marvie Baquial, Geneca Borgoños, Charline Goles, Crystal Jane Mier, Jenelyn Requioma, Catalino Aguanza and Danilo Ganoza)



1st – 4th Contestant (Jelly Ann Alampayan, Angel de Juan, Rachel Guevarra, Erwin, Daradar and Reyn de Juan)

2nd – 2nd Contestant (Rogelio Ornido, Charlene Florin)

3rd – 3rd Contestant (Genieva Arendain, Sharmaine Camposo, Ronah Eligan, Gilleth, Tabanao and Mark Andrew Doria)

cultural 19 cultural 20 cultural 21 cultural 22
cultural 24 cultural 26 cultural 27 cultural 28
With the full cooperation and support of everybody and with the founder herself Mrs. Aurora Kugel, 1st KTEP Cultural Competition was a success!