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Segregating 5 boxes of toys and clothes to be distributed to kindergarten schools

 Fifteen (15) boxes of used clothes and toys all the way from Germany were distributed to 3 residences around Toril, Catigan, Pag-ibig Village and Waling-waling Street and the other remaining 5 boxes to 6 kindergarten schools in Binugao, Catigan, Kolosa, Marapangi, San Jose and St. Jude.  Many Germans have shared their old clothing and toys. Instead of letting it to be wasted, they rather donate it to KTEP where infact they know, could still help a lot.  From Germany, boxes full of old belongings will be delivered to the Philippines.

Here are some pictures taken during the actual distribution;

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Kids with their cute little stuff toys

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Teachers Ma’am Rose and Ma’am Virgie of San Jose and St. Jude kindergarten posed for a while, received the toys and playing games for the kindergarten school year 2013-2014

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Teachers are helping their students choose what will fit to their students

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These four (4) tiny boys  are happy to receive one of their favorite toys 

We would like to thank the following persons who are in full cooperation contributed a lot for the success of this distribution. Many thanks to manygenerous German people for the gifts (clothes and toys) that you have given to numerous poor people here in Toril; to Uli Matatko who’s in good chance, became the way for us to know the Lochau kindergarten, she’s very active in organizing this heartily act as possible as she could; to all kindergarten teachers of Lochaufor the best effort and attentiveness they’ve rendered and  for offering themselves working on packages; and lastly to Sir Xaver Sinz, Mayor of Lochau, who gave his full and real support.

A million thanks to you all, dear Germans. You really are so kind and compassionate in helping less-fortunate Filipinos.