“Blessed and Thankful”, “A big Christmas gift” are the words that the parents of our three newly accepted scholars uttered when I went personally in their houses to tell them the good news.

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This youths waited for their opportunity

and chance to study in college for almost a year and on November 10 this month they are officially part of the German Scholars. They did not wasted time and enrolled themselves for the second semester. Teary and speechless are the 3 scholars as they received the names and addresses of their new sponsors.

In behalf of our e newly accepted scholars, Jenifer, Jeffrey

and Tarah our never ending thanks to Dr. Joe Heider, Herr Karlheinz und Anita Kugel und Herr Helmut Tanner, for their continuous support to the Filipino youths in their studies and for trusting and believing in KTEP Projekt!

Thank you so much!