Mrs. Lalaine Pondoyo or “Laling” as her co-workers call her at the KTEP coconut bag factory here in Toril came

and asked for assitance to KTEP. When Laling was abandoned by her husband for another woman she was left alone with her six children who are still dependent to her adding-up her four-year-old grandchild. Not to mention the other five grown-up children who are sometimes asking her for financial help. She budget every single cent of her salary from the coconut-bag factory for their food at home and some urgent needs of her children. That is why she haven’t spare any money for other  concerns like owning a private toilet for them. “Before, we used to ask our neighbor if we can use their toilet every time we need it, but now for some reasons they told us that we are not allowed to use it anymore. That is my big problem.” says laling.

Through the KTEP, Laling found a light to answer her prayer. Frau Siglinde Lang of Ravensburg wished to help some families in the Philippines in any way she can. And on her birthday she asked her guests not to give her gifts, instead help her in her endeavor. With the cash donation that Frau Lang offered to KTEP she have fulfilled the wish of Laling to have a toilet on their own.

“We do not have to beg our neighbor to let us use their toilet. I am very happy that God fulfilled my wish very soon through Frau Siglinde Lang. Ma’am this is the best Christmas gift that I could ever received. Thank you so much.”


Mrs. Pondoyo with her daughter

and grandchild standing infront of their new toilet.