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Before Christmas day came, KTEP Family was lucky because a very jolly 

and friendly couple came. They already supported KTEP for a couple of years already.

The KTEP Team went to the airport again to fetch Mr.

and Mrs. Kathan together with their scholars. They stay in Toril only for a few days because they  visited some other beautiful places in the Philippines.

Even for a short time staying here in Toril, they were able to visit all KTEP’s project

and were also able to join in distributing clothes from Germany. They never waste even a single minute for it.

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New Year Gift from KTEP

December 31, 2013, it was holiday in the Philippines. The Commander in Chief of KTEP, no other than the founder Aurora Kugel instructed the KTEP Team to look for an open rice mill in Toril and purchased 20sacks of rice.

On January 01, 2014, the KTEP Team visited a place in Toril to look for less fortunate families who deserved. Each family received five kilos of rice and they were very happy in accepting.

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“Thank you to all German who never forget us in times of sharing”, this was the statement given by the recipients as they extended their gratitude.

The distribution of rice was indeed a very nice

and memorable of the KTEP Team.


A million thanks to you Mr. Robert

and Monika Kathan for the priceless moment with you.