Never stop doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts. A warm welcome to six German ladies namely Ma’am Hilde Senn, Ma’am Kathrin Senn, Ma’am Hanna Mueller, Ma’am  Gellie Mueller, Ma’am  Eva Lahr and Ma’am Anita Mayer who made project trip  to the Philippines for almost two weeks.




The six active and  industrious German  ladies baked  more than 40 trays of pizzas for the Kindergarten children together with their parents. Everyone was so happy having tasted the delicious pizza they made.




 Furthermore, the German visitors   visited small villages in Toril where they also  distributed clothes, toys, shoes, school bags and eyeglasses as well. The villagers were so overwhelmed and happy to have received those presents from them, indeed those presents are helpful and very useful to many Filipinos especially to the kids who had received shoes and school bags.


Ma’am Hilde distributing clothes and toys to kids of Daliao, one of the Barangay in Toril.


Ma’am Anita, giving baby clothes to the mothers.


A happy kid that received a stuff toy .

Young teen happy to receive a new pair of shoes.

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A  young boy happy to own a new school bag.


Ma’am Gellie and Ma’am Aurora giving away toothpastes to kids.


The scholars were so thankful and happy to have known such kindhearted and generous sponsor who had help them to finish their college education.


Eyeglass distribution to Barangay Daliao in Toril.

Ma’am Hanna Mueller has given away 15 pieces of traffic safety vest for the 15 tricycle drivers in Toril. The driver  said  it is so useful and very important  protection during the night as they drive to the highways.


Thank you very much Ma’am Hannah for giving such wonderful safety gear for the tricycle drivers in Toril. They were so thankful and very happy.


The six scholars of Ma’am Hilde serenaded her with  beautiful music and they sang it heartily and they also prepared a dance presentation for her.


The scholars were so thankful and happy to have known such kindhearted and generous sponsor who had help them to finish their college education.


Ma’am Eva Lahr and the company she´s working  donated water well for a small Village in Toril  and many people benefited from it.


Ma’am Gellie Mueller and her daughter Ma’am Hanna donated Water well and also Maám Anita Mayer thru the sales of pearls at her flower shop.



We are so thankful for your visit to our place most of all  the sympathy you showed to the poor Filipinos, help them  build new hope and fulfill the dreams of the young generation . Thank you very much for your support and generosity !