Russel Biol aging 10 years old now, was one of the KTEP San Jose kindergarten  former pupils of school year batch 2010-2011.Because of her disabilities, no kindergarten and schools accepted her for teachers according to them couldn’t take the responsibility to look for her and they (teachers) have many students whom they are more responsible for. They only accept normal children. Russel is only physically disabled, but mentally she is fit. She is very eager to learn new things and she is a happy, funny child despite of her sickness. Last year, we beg the principal of Elementary school in Sta. Clara Toril to accept her so that she can learn to read and write and to meet children whom she can play and study. Having no Father make her family life miserable for no one provides and supports for their daily needs. They are many children in the family and they often get ill, no money to buy medicine and no enough food to eat 3 meals everyday. Until a Rotarian named Franz Müller was touched by her situation. He supported the family by giving them grocery every month including school fare allowance for the two sisters Russel and Elvie.

A bright idea from Mr. Franz Muller that Russel has to undergo Physiotherapy so she can at least handle her own life in some ways later on. It’s done twice a week. Aside from this two days session every week, she is advised to do body movement at home with her Mom’s assistance.

Below are some pictures of Russel during her Physiotherapy treatment sessions (massage therapy, stretching and exercising):

russel 2 russel 1
russel 3 russel 4
russel 5 russel 6

Russel performing exercises

russel 7 russel 8

Russel and her older sister Elvie with their Mama finally met Mr. Franz Müller at the Airport last November 21st, 2012. He had stayed in Davao Philippines only for short weeks and had visited Russel and her family in their house.

In behalf of Russel and her family, we wanted to convey our heartfelt thanks to FRANZ and MARIA MÜLLER who have the heart and the courage to help disabled child like Russel. THANK YOU SO MUCH for being so generous and for giving her a new life and hope. Your kindness is cordially appreciated.