KTEP was very surprised and overwhelmed when one of the members of Rotary Club of RavensburgSir Walter Rundel called up Family Kugel and told them that they will donate 1,000 Euro for rice. It was a great opportunity and it helped a lot especially to those families affected by the typhoon. Some people lost all their belongings. They were very upset, sad and frustrated. They felt so hopeless. It was beginning of December 2012 when Mindanao was hit by typhoon Bopha locally known as “Pablo”. Here in Toril, we also felt the storm  but fortunately, it was not as strong as what Compostela Valley experienced. But there were still some families whose houses got damaged including the houses of the Music teacher and the three (3) scholars. They never escaped from the destruction of the typhoon. The storm was strong enough to destroy trees, fall down into houses which caused to demolition. Luckily, no one got hurt from the incident. They were blessed that there were nice German people who offered help through financing the materials needed for restoration.

Openhanded people from Germany extended their help through giving donations. KTEP spontaneously decided to give the primary needs of those families like rice which could help them for everyday survival. Full of determination and enthusiasm, our eight (8) group leaders and the KTEP basketball team attentively looked for the affected areas. KTEP bought 29 and a half sacks , a total of 1,475 kilograms of rice distributed to more than 290 families not only for the victims but also for the fishermen who lost their job. They weren’t able to go fishing and had nothing, no money or even fish to cook for their meals. Mrs. Helga Hepp too, donated rice and distributed to 30 families.

rice distribution 2012 3 rice distribution 2012 2

 group leaders and basketball players repacking rice

Below are some photos taken during the distribution.

  rice distribution 2012 20 rice distribution 2012 18 rice distribution 2012 19

rice distribution 2012 2 rice distribution 2012 7 rice distribution 2012 8

rice distribution 2012 11 rice distribution 2012 12 rice distribution 2012 15

Pictures before and after reconstruction

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to “Musikverein Kressbronn” and the family of Martina Gere Wachter for giving their shares in putting up the destroyed house of KTEP Music Teacher Mr. Alcain and Mrs. Ann Schmieder for financing the materials, rice and groceries.

pablo victim 3 pablo victim 4

pablo victim 1 pablo victim 2

Many thanks to Rosemarie and Rudi Magg for the house repair of scholar Julius Belarma

pablo victim 6 pablo victim 5

We would also like to thank the couple Horst and Monika Baderschneider for the kitchen and toilet rapair of scholars Lutchie Joy Sarcos and Jessa Zabala.

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Radlstadl, organized by Family Claudia Gunthör with a big help of Uli Martin from Kressbronn donated medicines for the KTEP Free Dental. Melbie Sabellano (scholar) and her family with 14 numbers of children also received 1 sack of rice that she was very thankful for since her father is sick. Aside from Melbie, there were also many scholars who received gifts from their sponsors on Christmas. 


Uli Matatko together with her Zumba friends in Austria collected money for rice and other important needs of the poor like water and food for the kindergarten children in Toril.

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TOYS for the less fortunate children of Toril

toys 2 toys 1

In behalf of all the beneficiaries and the KTEP Team, our million folds of THANKS to all of you, dearest Sponsors. You left a very good mark to the hearts and minds of every Filipino. You did very wonderful!