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Volunteers in general are the true heroes who are willing to give their personal time for the benefit of our project. The three young volunteers Daniel Hauber, Pauline Mutschele

and Lena Rauch were considered to be great young people from Germany who had extended their generosity through KTEP.

 Daniel as a musician had shared his expertise in playing musical instruments. The young gentleman has never been inconsiderate in giving out his learning and was able to teach our musicians for many Sundays. And as an effective teacher during his time, his students have learned a lot from him.

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After kindergarten, Daniel went to Don Juan elementary school to teach pupils soccer.


Pauline on the other side was working in the office, helped with the accounting and some paper work. She also worked in St. John Hospital which might be helpful for her later since she is thinking of studying medicine.

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Daniel, Pauline and Lena also experienced being a teacher’s assistant in kindergarten San Jose and St. Jude. Working in the kindergarten takes a lot of patience, but the volunteers did a great job.

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They also had the chance to work in some of our livelihood projects like vegetable farming and piggery

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Thank you dear volunteers for your generous gift of time and effort! You have been dedicated and you have shown how significant it is to help others. It was a pleasure and a privilege working with you all.