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         After 15 years of convincing his wife Gretl, Horst succeeded as they finally arrived in Davao Airport last November 21st, 2012.

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It was on 4th Sunday of November 2012 when our visitors: Horst, Gretl

and Franz extremely surprised and overwhelmed seeing the whole KTEP Family (team, scholars and kindergarten) gathered together outside the project building holding their banners with a warm words of welcome. It was a nice feeling and very touching to their part looking around, witnessing the joy of every person and wearing sincere and friendly smiles in their faces.

Below are some pictures during  the welcome party.

Kindergarten children

and scholars in their dance showdown

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Lisa, our German volunteer dancing a Filipino folk dance”P

andanggo sa Ilaw”

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and son Helen (group leader) and Rein (scholar) offered a hand to dance with the couple

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 They also visited some areas in Toril where free water projects located: Horst

and Gretl took a pose sitting on the boat (donated by KTEP)

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Three (3) sacks of rice which is equivalent to 150 kilos were being distributed to 30 indigent families of Lawis Barangay Lizada. People from this poor are wanted to extend their sincere thanks to the couple for their generosity

and heartily-giving. They said, it’s a big help for the less fortunate people like them who can hardly sustain their meals 3 times a day.

Once again, our deepest thanks to you Sir Horst 

and Ma’am Gretl Sauerborn for the extraordinary days and for letting us enjoy and create happy memories with your company. Vielen Dank.