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Maxi arrived at the KTEP building with a warm welcome from the scholars and staff of the foundation.

As he began to work in KTEP, happiness and compassion filled in every task he did. Every week days, he was working in Vales garden where he experienced the step by step procedure of planting. He took care of the pigs and chicken too, bathed them and fed them. In the afternoon, he was in St. Jude kindergarten to assist the teacher.  As he was doing all of these in a week, he became closer to every KTEP worker and to the children as well. Indeed, he just loved what he was doing and enjoyed every single day of staying here.


Below are some photos of Maxi:


Maxi (above photos) helped during the garbage collection

and clothes distribution


              On Sundays, he became one of the teachers in the music area. He knows how to play some instruments

and assisted the scholars to learn new talent and be productive.


Many thanks to you Maxi Büchele for all your hard works

and genuine commitment! We will always be thankful for having a volunteer like you.  Thank you so much.