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(November 13, 2014) Another volunteer came, a 19 years old guy with a mission to help other people in just a simple way. Likewise, to share his abilities that will enable other people to develop their own capacities.

Patrick exerted his efforts and hard-works by attending every activity that the KTEP project has. For instance, Sunday activities like playing different musical instruments, doing recreational activities like picture puzzle, scrabble, chess, dama and etc. He is also mingling to all scholars that made him feel that he belongs to the family. He also teaches scholars how to use computer every Sunday. With this, scholars’ skills will be added.

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Patrick as an environmental lover, is also concern to those activities that involves protecting nature and making it better that’s why he, himself volunteered to maintain the wonder of Vales Organic Garden.

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Recently, a disaster came that made all the Filipinos

and other countries unite. To be specific, it was super typhoon Yolanda struck the Philippines particularly in Tacloban City and other provinces in Visayas, the KTEP Project has their action by going there and help those who were affected by the super typhoo. Patrick together with the group leaders of KTEP and the staff went there to help those people in Tacloban City.

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As of now, Patrick is still here in the country to visit different beautiful places in the Philippines especially in Davao City where beautiful sites are found.