“Sunday get together” starts early at 6:30 in the morning and takes 3 to 3 1/2 hours. Before, when there’s no bread yet to eat, many scholars were absent and some went to the project building with an empty stomach, they were hurried to go home and eat breakfast.

Dieter and his wife Claudie Senger who was celebrating her birthday, preferably asked donation for KTEP as a present/gift. 600 Euro is a big help and will support the Php 1,000 weekly baking ingredients until next year, January 2014.

From our deepest and sincerest heart, we would like to THANK YOU Herr and Frau CLAUDIE and DIETER SENGER for this wonderful gift you have shared to us. Now, scholars can stay longer and enjoy playing games with their group mates. They will be excited every Sunday to eat hot, newly and fresh baked bread made by Kuya Rey (KTEP Baker).

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Aside from scholars, more than 100 children can benefit and eat bread every Monday. No need for them to bring or buy food for their snacks during recess. Remaining bread is being distributed to children of 2 kindergartens.

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From KTEP Family: BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA’AM CLAUDIE SENGEWishing all the best for you.