As warm as the sun shines, we genially welcomed two generous couple Herr und Frau Margit and Adolf Bucher together with Mr. Martin and his wife Mrs. Gitta Zapf who traveled more than 6,000 miles away from Germany to Philippines. They arrived on 1st day of March and started to get involved in every KTEP activities.

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It was their first Sunday in the project building and they met for the first time the scholars and the parents too who had their once a month get together.


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Bread Distribution with the visitors

Fresh-baked bread was ready and the baker made a go signal. Scholars were all at the back, falling in line. It was the four of them (Adolf, Margit, Martin, Gitta) who led the distribution.

They also joined KTEP outdoors like clothes distribution to small residences in Toril, distribution of toothbrushes and toothpastes, and even slippers and chocolates for kids. Under the heat of the sun and with a chaotic crowded place, our visitors still managed to smile while handing to them the pieces of clothes. With such exerted effort, they have proven their real and big support to the project.

Here are some pictures taken during the distribution:

bucher zapf 5bucher zapf 6 

Free toothbrush and toothpaste! KTEP is not only concerned with the oral health of the members but also with the people around Toril, especially kids. This is somehow the simplest way we could help in minimizing the number of people having tooth decays and cavities.

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Full of force and courage, they helped facilitate the purchasing, repacking and finally did the actual rice distribution to underprivileged families. Sportsfest on its third time around

It was year 2012 that KTEP celebrated its 20th anniversary. 1st Sportsfest was held and the second time was during the visit of Mr. and Mrs. Gretl and Horst Sauerborn and Mr. Franz Müller. Again this year 2014 on March 8, Sportfest was another success with the full support and cooperation of the scholars, group leaders, visitors and the founder herself Mrs. Aurora Kugel. It started around two (2) in the afternoon with a parade featuring all the different teams who took partScholars were competitive into different sports and games, badminton, volleyball, chess, memory, word factory and scrabbles. In basketball, 2 competitors, red and blue team began the battle but before it two groups of cheer-dancers who were so cute with their tiny little outfits showed off. The crowd was echoed by their cheers and yells to support their team.

bucher zapf 15 bucher zapf 16 bucher zapf 18 bucher zapf 17 bucher zapf 19

Adolf, Margit, Gitta and Martin find some time visiting the houses of their scholars and met by chance the other family members. It was a great pleasure for their scholars at the same to be visited by their sponsors.

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Sunday morning came and visitors were surprised again this time with the welcome party.

Below are some pictures during the welcome party:

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Our hundreds of thousand thanks to you dear beloved visitors for supporting KTEP and for allowing more students to have the education they need to a far better future. Their lives would never be the same without your help.

Danke! Schön dass ihr hier seid. Your visit was unforgettable. We, your scholars especially, extremely salute you for your great kindness.