Every year, it has been part in the customs and tradition of every Christian and many more celebrating Christmas. It is the time of the year where we gladly celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.  Ultimately, are hopeful to make God be pleased in our actions. That is why we try to share what we have.

The Kressbronn Toril Education Program (KTEP) organized their own version of celebrating Christmas. Last December 21, 2014 (Sunday) the foundation established their Christmas Party, the founder Mrs. Aurora Kugel along with her dearest family thought of an unfamiliar, unique yet enjoyable one. So they have come up with a theme “KTEP Color Festival 2014”. The concept of this theme requires you to spread colored powders in the air so that your white t-shirt will be filled with variety of colors. Moreover, the fun hasn’t stopped there. The party has been participated by the whole Kugel Family. The children, Mark, Melissa and Oliver made their way to completely boost the fun and excitement towards the audience. The program consisted of several performances by different types of instruments like saxophone, trumpet, flute and recorder. It goes to show that Germans and Filipinos are having similarities especially when it comes to music. They are both passionately in love with music. In addition to that, the scholars also prepared some songs for the caroling contest. After few performances, each of them was given their rewards. Later after the contest, we enjoyed a variety of parlor games.

Christmas Party (4)Christmas Party (5)

Free white t-shirts for ladies

and gentlemen

Christmas Party (1)Christmas Party (2)Christmas Party (3)  Christmas Party (11)Christmas Party (12)Christmas Party (13)Christmas Party (14)Christmas Party (15)Christmas Party (16)

Christmas Caroling

Christmas Party (6)Christmas Party (7)Christmas Party (8)

Christmas Lantern Making

Christmas Party (35)Christmas Party (34)Christmas Party (33)Amor Campaña

and her group won the 1st prize, Jullan Lupian got the 2nd prize and the 3rd last winner was Julius Belarma.

           Secondly, we all know that a party wouldn’t be complete without a happy meal. The scholars together with their group leaders contributed something for the party. After the prayer for the food, everyone took their time to indulge themselves with the abundant feast of food. We had a great time eating while chatting with each other. In this very moment, we felt really blessed to have such a beautiful companion whom we can rely on.

Christmas Party (17)Christmas Party (19)Christmas Party (20)Christmas Party (21)Christmas Party (22)Christmas Party (23)

Christmas Party (24)Christmas Party (25)

                  Meanwhile, after sharing our delicious meal, we then proceed to the most awaited part in which is the exchanging of gifts. It ran continuously until everyone had finally received their share. Furthermore, the surprises did not end as then they received gifts, cash

and lovely letters from their selected sponsors. We all knew that German people are very busy people. Though they’re quite tight in their schedules, still they find time to spend their time to give something to their respective scholars. It really warms our heart that despite the fact that they possess high disposition in life, yet they never looked down on us. We felt valued and loved by them.

 Christmas Party (26)Christmas Party (27)Christmas Party (28)Christmas Party (29)Christmas Party (30)Christmas Party (31)Christmas Party (32)

                 Lastly, the celebration of Christmas is our constant reminder that God is always there. Despite of all the hardships we’ve been through, there will always be Jesus who will save us no matter what. Christmas is the most memorable time of the year

and we should be grateful for it. Not just for the material things but most importantly for our loved ones, friends who make our life meaningful to live.