Since the death of her husband because of illness, Gina Took all the reponsibility for her five children. But to repair their small house seems to be like a big problem for her.”I work half day at the KTEP coconut bag factory and from that we all get our daily needs. Seldom, my neighbor would ask me to wash their laundry for an extra money. My salary is only enough for us, that I could not let our house be repaired especially the floor and the walls. Our house is only made of bamboo as the floor and coconut wood as the wall. And since it has been a long time that my late husband built it, the woods are now giving-up. We strive hard to protect our selves from being wet when there is a heavy rain and from the hard blows of cold winds in the night. Sometimes, I would gather some big plastic bags and big cartoons to have a temporary walls.”


The family of Gina Eben is also one of the recipients of Frau Siglinde Lang of Ravewnsburg.”When I learned that a kind-hearted person will help me in repairing our house I feel a big relieve. Ma’am Siglinde Lang, thank you so much for your big help to me and to my family. You are truly our Santa Claus this Christmas. Thank you for extending your help to my family you are indeed a great blessings from God to us. I will always pray for your health, safeness and happiness together with your family that is the only thing that I can offer to you in return.”

From all of us also here in KTEP and in behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Kugel we would also like to stretch our big thanks to Frau Siglinde Lang for choosing our project to be the beneficiary of your great endeavor. We wish you a Merry Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.