For the second time, Cordula took a trip again to Philippines but this time she was with her supportive husband Alfons. She felt like for the first time welcomed in the airport with flowers, hugs and smiles but of course with the banners. One day later, on August 22, Reinhold Kugel came with his colleague David Thurston who’s the first American to visit KTEP.

Cordula, Alfons (1)
Cordula, Alfons (2)











Cordula and Alfons went to visit DCC School where their two scholars Axel and Jessa Mae are currently studying.

Cordula, Alfons (5)  Cordula, Alfons (6)

Cordula, Alfons (4)

Cordula and Alfons in Jessa Mae’s classroom


Cordula and Alfons with Axel and his father Alexander




From DCC, they went to St. Peter to visit their former scholar Apple Mae Llamadora who at the moment teaching in High School. She just graduated this year and fortunately gets a good job right away.

Cordula, Alfons (7)  Cordula, Alfons (8)



Clothes Distribution

Two boxes of clothes and toys were distributed to residents of Tambakan Toril …

Cordula, Alfons (9) ???????????????????????????????                                                     Cordula, Alfons (11) Cordula, Alfons (12)


From Tambakan, they went to Lawis Toril by the project fishing boats and there, they continued the distribution


Cordula, Alfons (13)Cordula, Alfons (14)Cordula, Alfons (15)


These photos describe how happy these kids are for the gifts they received.


Cordula, Alfons (16)


Beneficiaries personally met

and had the chance to say thank you to Cordula and Alfons, who donated the water well.

They also went to visit the Vales vegetable gardening

and the latest piggery and poultry.
Cordula, Alfons (17)Cordula, Alfons (18)Cordula, Alfons (19)


Surprise Party was given to them on Sunday

Below are some pictures:

Cordula, Alfons (20) Cordula, Alfons (21)
Cordula, Alfons (22)





Hoermann Team posed for a picture taking after basketball game.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH Sir Alfons and Ma’am Cordula Hoermann for your great continuous support to the project. Thank you also to Sir David Thurston for coming and to our dear ever supportive founder Reinhold Kugel.