“Prevention is always better than treatment”, this is what every dentist emphasizes. According to them, it is very important to learn how to maintain good dental hygiene and the best way we can do is to explain to every patient both children and adults the proper and correct way of brushing their teeth.  Brushing of teeth three (3) times a day and regular visit to a dentist is a very good advice to follow. Everyone in the family should take good care of their teeth most especially the children who like sweets and sticky foods; they should avoid it to prevent tooth decays and cavities. Having healthy teeth not only enable you to look and feel good, they make it possible to eat and speak properly.


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After days of pause operations due to an extension, KTEP Free Dental is now ready to serve people with their oral health problems.

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Thanks to the brilliant and clever ideas of our three German Dentists, Dra. Ute und Dr. Reinhold Fiegle and Dr. Georg Lilly we are able to extend our KTEP Dental Clinic.. With their undying support to this project, we could help poorer Filipinos, adults and children to improve their dental hygiene.