Like any other couple, Luz

and her husband Selvirio also dream to build their own family. After several years of service to KTEP, Luz finally decided to go for exit.

On Sunday morning May 4, 2014, a farewell party made her emotionally surprised. She was good in planning

and organizing surprises but she herself didn’t escape from it. Her family also came to support her as she at last faced the hardest part of saying good bye.

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theatre art was played

and characters were impersonated by the scholars and parents.  It’s a story about the life of Luz, from her life in Cotabato until she became part of KTEP. There were some parts that made everybody laugh and on contrary, flowing tears to what Luz had experienced but despite of the difficult situation she had before, she never became hopeless and that everything was gone alright. What’s the good thing about the play was, there are lessons gained. It’s not about what you’re capable of; it’s about what you are willing to endure. Through hard work and perseverance, you can live your dreams and that’s what we would like scholars to put in their minds.

Below are some pictures:

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Luz was a good leader to scholars she h

andled and a good example to many. She was supervising about 20 male scholars in her group whose family names start with the letter M to Z.Â

For the last time, her scholars never let her go without telling her how thankful they are, for the patience

and for loving them like her own. They sang a song for her entitled “Thank You For Loving Me”. She also had fun watching them dancing.


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Since they’re starting all over again to build a family, KTEP prepared some things for the couple’s everyday use. A message from group leaders followed every after gift given.

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For such a long time, I must say that Luz made her job well done. She did her best in serving KTEP. She was a proficient worker

and the active member ever. Building water well is the project that she had managed; here and there she went to look for deserving areas where they could build the free-flowing. She was all the time energetic and was always on the go of whatever task was given to her. She was working so hard and spent most of her time in the project which sometimes caused misunderstanding between her and her husband. But she has never been defeated of any conflict occurred. She was every time eager to help and ready to sacrifice. I saw in her how difficult it was for her to leave but KTEP will always open the door for her whenever she wants to come back. Now, she’s happy starting her role as a plain housewife.


Happy lunch together

We would like to THANK YOU LUZ from the bottom of our hearts for all you have made for the project. We truly appreciate

and value your honesty, your loyalty and for your untiring commitment to the project.Â

We will miss you …

“Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you until we meet again”.

A very privileged scholar, that’s how they called me when I was chosen to handle KTEP Project before. Yes I was and I was very proud to be part of the KTEP working staff. I knew that it was not an easy tasks but a very tough responsibility. I was able to accept all the challenges by believing our KTEP slogan “YOU CAN IF YOU WILL” this helps me a lot but most of all I was very sure that with God all things are possible.

As years go by my commitment and support to the project and love to my job became stronger and stronger. But the time came that my husband asked me to reset from my job and stay at home. It’s really troubled me a lot but being married for years, I really have to do it in order for us to have a baby.

I am very thankful to Mr. Reinhold and Mrs. Aurora Kugel for the understanding on my situation and for supporting my decision and for welcoming me back again anytime. I will always thankful for the trust, guidance and helped in reaching what I become now and most of all the friendship. Thank you very much Kuya Rein and Ate Au.

To Kuya Rein, Ate Au, KTEP team and staff, Vales Workers, water well workers, parents and scholars, thank you so much for the very nice and very touching that I had nothing to do but to cry. I was very overwhelmed. Thank you and more power.

I will be missing you all.