In continuation of the celebration of KTEP’s 20th founding anniversary the scholars enjoyed the first ever KTEP Sports fest held at the Villa Josefina Resort here in Toril. One whole day packed with adrenalin, excitement and fun exclusively organized for the scholar’s to enjoy the games prepared for them.

The activity started with a parade led by their imported muses Melissa Kugel and Sarah Danner (our present volunteer who is helping out in out Kindergarten) followed by a prayer and the formal opening leaded by our energetic founder Aurora. The players have an array of games to choose from. Basketball, Volleyball, Chess, Memory, and Word Factory are just few of the games that they enjoyed on that day. All of them are very eager to win since a trophy and some more exciting prizes are waiting for those who will triumphantly win the games. One of the highlight of the fest was the basketball game where the scholars had been divided into two groups loudly cheering for their supported team even aurora has also her supported team. At the end of the game the red team won the championship.

All scholars who championed the games proudly received their trophies and special prizes awarded by Melissa, Oliver, Karl and Sarah while the rest who did not won also got some minor prizes. As the dark arouse the scholars all went to the KTEP building and enjoyed the rest of the night with disco and party.


From left Mellissa

and Sarah led the parade followed by the scholars, group leaders and players.

 sportsfest4 sportsfest6

sportsfest3 sportsfest2

The scholars

and group leaders on parade with their self-made banners.

sportsfest1.jpg11 sportsfest1.jpg13

sportsfest9 sportsfest14

The KTEP Cheer Leading Squad showed their talents in cheering made the spirit of the fest more alive!

sportsfest17 sportsfest24

Right picture. Karl is concentrating on his tactics supported by his little cousin Joshua while Oliver (left picture) is taking it all easy

and cool!

sportsfest18 sportsfest19

Sarah, left is focused on memory even Melissa too!

sportsfest1.1 sportsfest15

During the final game of Volleyballl. Score was 3:2

1 2

Players are too concentrated formulating scanning their minds for English Words on Word Factory.

1.6 sportsfest23

The fight was very close between the Red Team

and the White Team.

1.8 1.7

1.5 1.4

1.1 1.3

The Trophies

and Special Prizes are waiting for the scholars.

1.9 2.1

1.1.1 1.1.2

The Red Team posed for a Champ picture. Karl, h

anded the special prize to one of the winners.


The Volleyball Team posed for their victory! 

Our BIG THANKS to Aurora

and Reinhold for letting our scholars enjoyed the Sports Fest. We hope that this is only the beginning of great Sports Fest were the scholars can enjoy and at the same time learn the lesson of sportsmanship. I heard that there will still be a re-match on basketball between the White Team and Red Team. We will keep you posted!