Free dental mission ended successfully!

After four days of hard works to help the indigent people of Toril with their oral health our dental mission ended on December
30, 2010 successfully. One hundred eighty four (184) patients have benefited from the dental mission. Many were thankful because
they can now sleep well at night without toothache.
This dental mission will not be a successful one without the voluntary help of our dentists, Dr. Reinhold

and Ute Fiegle and our

own dentist Dr. Roslyn Tamay who made their best to extract the teeth of the patients whether its a simple or a complex extraction.
Thanks to all the assistants who assisted the dentists during the mission. We would also like to emphasize our thanks to all the
people who extended their help by giving dental needs to Dr.

and Dra. Fiegle. Your help is heartily appreciated.

Here are some of the photos taken during the dental mission…


Our dentists

and assistants strikes together with our dental technician strikes a pose after the dental hours.

dental4 dental3

Many patients waited long enough for their turn but it is all worth a wait!

dental7 dental8 dental6

Dra. Ute kneel down to have a closer contact with her small patient.

Tessa, daughter of Dr. Reinhold

and Dra. Ute also helped during the dental mission.

dental9 dental10

dental11 dental12

Dr. Reinhold instructed Dr. Roslyn what to do with the patient.