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After some months of preparation for their travel to Philippines, the 4 newly graduated dentists namely Carolina, Annette, Katharina

and Lisa together with the two experienced dentists Dr. Amelie Parvany and Dr. Anja Liebermann finally arrived in the Philippines on the 21st of February 2015. It was such a big event at Davao airport for we were so overwhelmed meeting them personally. Some scholars of KTEP, the group leaders, the body guards and some friends presented them flower necklaces and brought lovely welcome banners.
The first week of their mission was very tough. Together with our local dentist Dra. Tamay they fully concentrated on teeth extractions of so many Filipinos at all ages. The German dentists who were used to modern sophisticated dental chairs and instruments had to adjust in the beginning and face the fact that it´s all a bit different here. With much effort and patience they worked and helped without hesitations reducing the pain of so many. The KTEP building was overloaded with patients waiting for their turn to be cured.

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Dr. Amelie Parvany is not only a normal dentist in profession but also an Oral Surgeon. She took over the complicated  cases of some patients.  She could hardly take a brake because so many hopeless cases occurred which only her could solve

and decide which step has to be done.  Dr. Anja Liebermann who is striving to become a Prosthodontist was very busy, too. Aside from extracting teeth she also dedicated her time making new teeth four our KTEP sewer and for our electrician and carpenter. There were very thrilling moments until the new teeth were finally finished. Dr. Anja showed a perfect result (teeth made in the Philippines from a German specialist) which impressed everyone and you could imagine how thankful and happy “Tyo Ining and Sally” were when they finally could get brand new teeth after so many years. It was so touching to see how proud and speechless they were.

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The pretty dentists worked with such harmony. They worked as a great team.  Gisela, the mother of Dr. Anja who also joined the trip was a great help to Torilians. She was there wherever she was needed. She took her time showing the individual patients on how to brush their teeth properly and effectively. She was never tired entertaining and comforting the patients who sometimes had to wait for hours or were afraid of the medication. Aside from that, with her energetic actions she distributed eye glasses to those who urgently need one. She gave toys, balloons and sweets to the children. She played with them. She cured the sicknesses of the children like putting ointment on their wounds. She was very helpful and never tired of organizing things which she knows could help the needy ones.

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It was an unforgettable event for us Filipinos to see six beautiful German dentists here at once. It was a nice experience again to all the helpers and the local team who were not only impressed of their great heart to help but also for the friendliness they showed.  They really treated everybody equally and let us feel that we are all living in the same world.

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On behalf of all patients, the people of Toril and the whole KTEP family a very warm thank you for the great help and support you have given to us. Salamat! Danke schön!

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