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 At last, the day finally came where two of the most respective and one of the best dentists in Kressbronn is now in Toril. Dr. Reinhold and Ute Fiegle together with their children traveled more than 6,000 miles to perform a dental mission to the people of Toril.

Last December 23, 2010 the dental mission started, where our dentists gave their 101% to help the people with their oral health. Due to numerous number of patients who came to KTEP building to avail the free dental the working hours of the dentists started at 8 o’clock in the morning and was extended until 7 o’clock in the evening. To be exact fifty four (54) patients has been accommodated with in that day and there will still be a follow up free dental on December 27, 28 and 30, 2010.

The people who have benefited from this dental mission are very thankful especially the children.

Here are some of the pictures taken during the dental mission….

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Dezember16 Dezember17

 Dr. Reinhold performed a difficult extraction but he still manages to smile             Patients waiting for their turn….