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More than a hundred of children in our kindergarten (San Jose and St. Jude) are served with nutritious food every Friday. Free feeding is made once in a week and children are always excited for it.  Helen cooks healthy delicious food for them and they love it very much.

Children are not only provided with education for free, additionally, they are given a day to enjoy their meal. However, they are told to eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits, their parents as well are encouraged to teach their children the healthy eating habits at home.


Take a look of some pictures below:

feeding (3)

hand-washing before eating

feeding (4)

It’s in every child’s mindset to pray before eating.





feeding (5) feeding (6)feeding (8) feeding (9)feeding (10) feeding (11)

feeding (12)

Many children of today are suffering from hunger

and these kids are lucky and blessed to have availed the free feeding. Thanks to the sponsors who are the source of this good foundation.

Free-feeding is continued until the end of the school year

and will resume again after summer break, for the next batch.