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At the left picture is the Family Freytag together again after four

and half months; right picture is the KTEP Team with the big welcome banner for the couple. 

            On Monday, Decemer 12, 2011 around 12:55 noon (Philippines Time) was the arrival of Dr. Thomas

and Frau Sabine Freytag at the Davao International Airport where their daughter Maya was waiting for them. “I could not believe that I will be fetching up my parents here at the airport” Maya uttered. The reunion was very moving since Maya was away from home for the last four and half months. Overjoyed, Maya gave her mama a tight hug and her papa too.

            With zero ideas Maya thought that it was merely a normal

and simple day for the KTEP Team that her parents is coming since nobody bothered to come with her at the airport. To their surprised whole KTEP Team was walking towards them with a big welcome banner accompanied by an ear capturing music from the Drum and Lyre of Don Juan Elementary School in Toril.

Here is a peek video during the arrival of the couple. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgnjtuodgtg&feature=youtu.be

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The warm welcome for the couple did not end on that day because on the following day the KTEP Scholars, children

and parents also prepared a big surprise welcome party at the KTEP building in San Jose for the family schowcasing their talents in dancing and singing.

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The scholars

and KTEP group leaders waited outside for the visitors to come with the flaglets, welcome signs and ofcourse their big smiles. 

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Our children in kindergarten rendered a cute hawaiian dance

and a cute Christmas songs. But ofcourse an action song was also presented by the children in St. Jud Kindergarten to the tune of Fliegerlied.

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