For 24 long years many students of this scholarship through the initiative of Aurora and Reinhold Kugel created a friendship and mutual connection between Filipino scholars and German sponsors.

Education was the first problem KTEP has been trying to solve since the beginning.

Last February 2014, a group of German women visited KTEP. Most of them were sponsors. They were nine including Aurora Kugel. The name of the group was “Stammtisch.” Everyday of their stay in Toril, they walked around to visit many poor families. On their way, they saw many plastics and cellophanes. They kept on asking why the garbage was not put in its proper place. Because they stay only in Toril for a couple of days, their questions remained unanswered.

Last October 8, 2014, a German Midwife graduate came to volunteer in the KTEP. The volunteered happened to be the niece of the Stammtisch. The KTEP Family thought that she care only to introduced the proper giving of birth. She stayed for six weeks. Every day she visited lying inns in Toril, one of it was the Puericulture center.  She enjoyed the walks a lot. One day, while she was walking along the beach from Villa Josefina to Pag-ibig, she saw a lot of rubbish at the seashore. Immediately upon arriving at the KTEP building, she sent an email to Aurora Kugel asking permission to organize the collection of garbage. Aurora replied with a big YES and it marked the beginning of the KTEP garbage collection. Every Sunday, scholars are collecting plastics and cellophanes all over the neighboring Barangay of Toril.

Beside education and a variety of other projects, KTEP now also tackles the garbage problem in Toril.

Take a look at the pictures below:

garbage collection (1)


garbage collection (2)garbage collection (3)garbage collection (4)garbage collection (5)garbage collection (6)

garbage colletion(7) garbage collection (8) garbage collection (9)

garbage collection (10)garbage collection (11)garbage collection (12)