garden6 garden 1

It’s already four(4) weeks ago since the coco workers stopped making coco products because it’s not easy anymore to sell it in Germany. Therefore, we find another way to continue giving them source of income. Luckily Mr.

and Mrs. Kugel have a place not so far away from the KTEP building. That’s why they make a raised bed which is build above the ground to plant vegetables like for example carrots and potatoes which are quiet expensive in the public market. And the reason why they made it is to make sure that the plants are growing better and to keep it free from mouses and other small animals. Later on, we plan to sell the vegetables in restaurants around Toril and Davao. At the moment, we finished the first two raised beds and after we plant the first seeds we hope that we’ll have a successful harvest.

garden 4 garden5

garden2 garden 8

garden workers  started to carve

and dig the soil for planting another vegetables 

garden7 garden3