Gentlemen's Day (1)


Gentleman can best described as a man of overall good character. KTEP held it’s first Gentlemen’s Day last December 14, 2015. It was a whole day full of learning

and exciting. They have learned and discovered many things. They have learned the importance of sports and exercise, the health benefits of food we eat everyday like vegetables and fruits, to love fish instead of pork and chicken, the procedure of baking muffins, the significance of reading books ,the making of jewelries, secret boxes and the self-made picture frames, to enjoy life with music, learning the steps to health and wellness and the upbringing lifestyle change to a more developed personality. It was the best activity that was and will surely be loved by the young gentlemen of this generation.

In some way, this will help scholars learn the value of good words, good works

and good will. They are sent to school to get a good profession and to learn the good values all at once. In KTEP, they are also taught how to be a real man, how to behave as a future well-educated and well-mannered person. But the top most important quality that the scholars should inherit is the “respect”; the self-respect and the respect to others, to elders (group leaders).

 Gentlemen's Day (2)Gentlemen's Day (3)Gentlemen's Day (4)Young gentlemen’s talent in the field of art revealed.

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Thank you very much to everybody who have worked in h

and with us to make this event a successful one.