graduation 1 graduation 2

After years of perseverance

and sacrifice, these following scholars made it to the finish line: Cely Demiar and  Julieta Monida (St. Peter), Roelyn Lerio, Jovelyn Ararao, Christine Cleofe Dilangalen, Mary Jane Eben, Mary Jane Villegas, Sheena Rose Torrion, Junelyn Francis, Mark Louie Buligan, Jobert Millard Labag and Chemwell Rully (DCC).

Once again,thanks so much to the following sponsors for your undying support: Rolf und Gerlinda Fetzer, Familie Stepuetat, Edwin Mueller, Erich und Kiki Sauerborn, Carla Grammel, Hensler Foundation, Robert und Monica Kathan, Dr. Bernd Strater, Andrea Manawapat, Silke und John Ognes, Dieter und Baerbel Baur

and Maria und Hugo Faessler. 

Congratulations to the graduates of school year 2011-2012, wishing you all the best of luck in the future.