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November 4, 2013 the day when Jasmin arrived in the Philippines. The KTEP Team fetched her at the airport. Everyone gave her a very warm welcome

and she also gave her sweet smile as a sign of gratitude for welcoming her.

Jasmin was also a volunteer. She was an assistant at the KTEP dental clinic. She helped in cleaning the teeth of the scholars, kindergarten pupils

and some staff of the KTEP Team. She worked with Ate Helen.

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She also visited a school and rendered her service and that is Sta. Clara Elementary School. In this school, she visited the classrooms of the Grade 1 to Grade 6 pupils. She gave lectures about the proper way of taking care of our teeth. She taught the pupils on how to brush the teeth properly and the importance of having healthy teeth. After having a lecture, she distributed toothbrushes and toothpastes to the pupils. The pupils of Sta. Clara as well as the teachers and the principal were very thankful for Jasmin had chosen their school to visit.

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Aside from working at the dental clinic and visiting the school, Jasmin also attended the Sunday gathering of the scholars. She also helped doing the work to be done in the KTEP building.

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Like all other German volunteers Jasmin was certainly one of those kindest people with a big heart who is writing to help without expecting anything in return.