When Aurora informed the KTEP Team that another volunteer is coming everybody became excited.

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September 26, 2013 the way when Katja Math arrived in the Philippines. The KTEP Team prepared and went to the airport to fetch her. Everyone welcomed her with a sweet smile. This young and beautiful volunteer of course responded with a very sweet and thankful smile as well. You could really see through her eyes the happiness that she felt.

Everyone was looking forward to work with her and hoped that she could spend a good time spending her days in the Philippines.

Katja Math, on her first assignment as a volunteer

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Katja Math was very happy to do her tasks as a volunteer. At first she didn’t know what work she will going to do but still accepted it without any hesitation. She really has a spirit of voluntarism.

Katja was assigned to be an assistant in the St. Jude kindergarten. She worked their during morning. She assisted the children in the different activities. During the afternoon, Katja was assigned at the San Jose Kindergarten. She also did the stuffs she had in St. Jude Kindergarten.

The first day of work as a volunteer was indeed a big fulfillment for her. She really loved what she was doing.


Katja visited the houses of some Kindergarten pupils

Katja seemed to be restless because she has so many things to do aside from being an assistant. She didn’t waste any single minute in doing something.

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During her free time, Katja visited those houses of the less fortunate pupils of the kindergarten. She was very much concern with these pupils. As she visited them, she also distributed clothes. These simple thoughts of her made the pupils happy. She did able to touch their lives.

When Saturdays and Sundays came, Katja was very busy doing paper works. She even attended the Sunday gathering of the KTEP scholars so that she could hang-out with them, talk at the same things about her.

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Because of the actions that she had shown, you could definitely say that she was an active and restless young lady.
Renovation of the St. Jude Kindergarten

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Katja Math took the lead in renovating the classroom of the St. Jude Kindergarten.

Upon visiting the classroom of the St. Jude Kindergarten, Katja noticed that the classroom needs to be renovated. So, she planned about the things that need to be fixed. She even suggested about the designs to use in order to restore the classroom and make it better. She also helped in cleaning.

The renovation became successful and came up with a good output. The classroom now was very conducive for learning.

Jan. 19, 2014 aroud 7 am in the morning. The KTEP family conducted a farewell party to Katja Math. Every group prepared a song to be dedicated to Katja and some were having practice to their blowing instruments and practicing dance steps. All these preparations was s surprised for Katja.

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At 9 am Katja and Patrick arrived, as Katja entered the building she was surprised and about to cry. Those are tears f joy that keeps on falling in her eyes. Scholars started to sing a song entitled “glowing inside” and followed by the other performances made by the scholar. Leaders and staff are given a chance to acknowledge Katja.

To say hello to someone is easy but to say goodbye is difficult, they gonna miss Katja but that’s the reality that they need to overcome. Katja was considered as an angel from above, because of her good attitude. She’s a model that scholars should follow her steps of good deeds.

In her 116 days that she stayed here in the Philippines, there are lots of good memories that she can’t never forget, even in how many years goes by, the memories were still there and she ca reminisce those days that she shared with the KTEP family.