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Left picture are the three brothers who for the first time experience a Christmas Party in their lives

and at the right picture is an elder sister hugging her liittle sister as she gave to her her gift for Christmas. 

Last December 15, the KTEP Kindergarten celebrated their Christmas Party at the building. A half day full of fun, games

and surprises especially prepared for the children. Our KIGA teacher Maam Rose with her assistants in cooperation with the parents gave the kids a marvelous party that they will always remember. And to let the children feel the spirit of giving, their parents surprise them with gifts. According to Maam Rose the parents where saving since June just to buy a special gift to their beloved cute children.

The party ended with the distribution of sweets

and candies to the children and to children at heart.

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Group pictures together with the children

and parents after the party. 

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 Arvie Jay is very excited as he saw his gift from his parents

and Ruby was very happy as she received her hello kitty stuff toy from her parents. Beside her is her younger sister Bibi.