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Children lined up and excited for the feeding. 

Unlike any other newlywed couple Manuel and Andrea Picco did not only accept gifts during their wedding from their guests but they also offer a gift to KTEP children.

The couple donated an amount of 205euro which will be use for the feeding every Monday in our newly adopted kindergarten in St. Jude. Ninety (90) children aging 4 and 5 will be able to eat healthy foods once a week. This will be a big help for them since not all children in the kindergarten are able to eat nutritious food at their own homes.

In behalf of the KTEP Family and the children we would like to extend our great and sincere thanks to Manuel and Andrea for supporting the children for their nutrition your great act is truly appreciated. Cheers to the newlywed!!!Smile

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benedikt rapp

Fabi, Bene and Adrian the organizers of the Hansis Sommerfest.

On the other hand, Benedikt Rapp together with his friends Fabian Streicher and Adrian Schneider also want to help the children in KTEP that is why they organized the Hansis Sommerfest in Nonnenhorn, a private party attended by their friends wherein the proceeds amounting to 300euro will be use to continue the feeding in kindergarten. Starting this November, 2011 the lunch party for the children whom Manuel and Andrea Picco started will continue until January, 2012 because of the trios’ great idea. The Hansis Sommerfest was very successful also because of the big help and support of Herr Peter Hornstein.

Our bottomless thanks to you guys for making the KTEP your beneficiary. You guys are great keep rocking!!!

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Maya act as the children’s waitress during their lunch party.

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