Kindergarten teachers of San Jose  and St. Jude kindergarten released the certificates and diplomas to 123 (San Jose, 51 and St. Jude, 72) total  graduates of batch 2012-2013 last March 27, 2013 at Barangay Hall Daliao basketball covered court area. The Ceremony started with the prayer followed by the singing of the national anthem.

Another school year ends up and children are as excited as their parents to go on stage, accept the special awards symbolizing strengths and achievements they have made for the whole year. Parents too, are proud to their children’s accomplishment. Kids are now equipped to take into the next part of their educational lives.

            An encouraging speech from Mrs. Aurora Kugel to all parents, to love their children and give them the support they need most especially in education. This is the best treasure and the most important thing they can do for their children’s later future.

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San Jose Kindergarten 


St. Jude Kindergarten 

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Children eat their yummy spaghetti after the ceremony

It’s also a day of recognition to the teachers Ma’am Rose and Ma’am Virgie for the job well done. Your outstanding work in teaching allows children not only to learn but to have fun.

In behalf of the KTEP, congratulations to all kindergarten graduates of school year 2012-2013!!!