Friday morning was greeted with scattered rain and cold wind, but that did not stop the children to go to their kindergarten, because today is another special day for them. Togeher with Ma’am Rose, the parents of the children will cook a very special “Chicken Arroz Caldo” (or literally translated by Filipinos as “hot rice”) for the children. A perfect food for children in this cold rainy day.


The children started there day with a prayer inside the classroom and some action songs. After then, they had a recap lesson with Ma’am Rose. Of course, after learning how to read and write the alphabet the children have already all the time in playing their favorite games.

While the children are busy inside the room the mothers are also busy and on focus cooking the arroz caldo. At exactly 10:10 in the morning the food is ready and the children gathered in the hallway and ate the special arroz caldo that there parents cooked extra for them.

Thanks for the support of our KTEP Family and founder the children once again ate a nutritious and delicious food.