Our very own founder Dr. Reinhold Kugel for the very first time experienced to sit in the KTEP dental chair

and be extracted by Dra. Roselyn Tamay (KTEP Dentist). Since he was suffering for toothache during his holiday, he then went to the dental and asked to pull out his tooth. Dra. Tamay was quite nervous and asked him several times if he was sure about it. And finally after a few minutes, it was finally done, the tooth was pulled and the pain at the same time was gone. Our founder was able to enjoy his holiday again and the KTEP dental clinic was proud to have proven its efficiency and friendly treatment of all kinds of tooth problems. Thanks again to Dr. Reinhold und Dr. Ute Fiegle who financed the new dental chair with their “old gold collection” in Kressbronn and to Dr. Georg Lilly from Kitzingen who is generously financing the salary of Dra. Tamay, therefore making it possible to provide dental services for free to the poor people of Toril.