For twenty one (21) days, this two youngsters Melanie

and Lena visited the KTEP and have offered a very big help to us. From setting up the dental equipments which tested their patience and time just to assemble the dental machine. They also lend some of their times in our KIGA. Played with the children and even cooked pan cakes for them. During their spare times, Melanie thought some of the scholars her best moves in dancing and gave them some tips to improve their dancing talents. This two have also extended their help in other way by donating their old clothes and handed it to the less fortunate people here in Toril.

In this column we would also like to emphasize our big thanks to Mr.

and Mrs. Misgang for donating wonderful clothes from their clothing shop in Dornbirn. Thank you very much!


During the distribution of clothes.


KTEP Team welcomes the two visitors at the airport.


Lena + Melli playing with the children “THE QUEEN IS HERE”


Melli showing here best moves to the scholars during practice.


As with us people, regular dental care is the key to a healthy mouth. But how can a less fortunate Filipino care for his dental hygiene when visiting a dentist is too much for their wallet? Instead of paying a dentist if they have oral problems they find alternative solutions to temporarily relieve their oral problems. Example, if a child has a toothache the parents would rather let them drink a pain reliever or let them gargle a glass of water with salt.

Thru the initiative of Mr. Siggi Zoll from Kressbronn, the KTEP once again found a new light to help the Filipinos with regard to their dental hygiene. He was able to find a dental machine

and equipment donor that are needed to put-up a dental checkup clinic. With some help from our visitors from Kressbronn and Langenargen, Lena and Melanie the KTEP Team here in Toril was able to setup the dental machine.

As of now, the machine is not yet ready for use since some minor tools are still needed for the clinic. Any assistance will be really appreciated to realize this project. Our greatful thank to Mr. Zoll

and to the donors of the dental machine. We would pray a ten-fold of goodlucks for all of you.

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