Last year, a 19-year old Dennis Sagrado came to the KTEP to ask for a help about his serious eye-problem. Before, he had visited some opthalmologist in the city and found out that he has an eye-problem that can lead him to blindness.

This concern was relayed to Mr. and Mrs. Kugel and was also relayed to Mrs. Angelika Zimmermann. (Dennis Sponsor) With her kind heart she lends a financial help to support the operation and medicines of Dennis.

On October 20, 2009 around 9:30 in the morning, Dennis was set for his first left-eye retinal detachment operation. And by now his in his recovery stage and a follow-up check is done every Thursday of the week. The representative of KTEP Narissa Alipan is assisting Dennis in all their medical needs.

The next operation will be set if his right-eye is already stable and is not prone from any infections. And after he undergo the second and final operation, Dennis needs to have a 6-month-long-recovery, he can only go back to school and do normal activities if his doctor declares him fully healed.

In behalf of Dennis Sgrado and his family together with the KTEP Team we would like to extend ou big thanks to Mrs. Angelika Zimmermann and her family for their help to save a scholar’s eye-sight and future.

Here are some pictures before and after the operation.


Dennis during his eye-examination.


Dennis, fresh from the operating room.


After operation….