Three volunteer’s Lorenz, Vanessa and Sabrina arrived in different dates; Lorenz, who first arrived last September 12, followed by Vanessa on October 2 and Sabrina on 8th of October 2014.

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Lorenz loves children. It was easy for him to do his job in the kindergarten until the very end. In Germany, he is h

andling a handicapped people and this experience helped him to succeed. He learned not only to love his work but to love the people behind it. KTEP on the same hand employed assistants who will care for the children; they are not hired only because they are hard-working but because they are passionate of giving their tender loving care, patience and constant understanding towards children. And Lorenz as a kindergarten assistant was very effective in his time. Aside from kindergarten, he was assigned to look after Sam, a boy who has a bone cancer and Russel, our youngest handicapped scholar who could not able to walk since she was born. These kids are always excited to go to school everyday despite of disabilities.

The roof of the nipa hut in Vales was being repaired by the help of Lorenz

and with the financial support of Maám Uschi and Sir Holger Singer.

One of Lorenz’s assignments was to h

andle the construction in Rasay. Eva Saiger and her friends supported the needed materials for the house renovation of the young mothers.
Thank you so much Ma’ams and Sir for your generous support. 

Here are some pictures of him working in KTEP:

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Vanessa was assigned to manage the construction in building the washing and tooth-brushing area located at the back of the project building. Floor is elevated and there are new shelves for the cups and toothbrushes for kids. Not only that, she herself made the design and did the painting of the wall together with our own painter Mr. Florin.  She was the one who purchased the materials to be used.

She once became a substitute teacher in San Jose kindergarten. They first had a lesson, seat-works

and lastly playing. She sometimes went with the Vales workers to buy animal manures.


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Sabrina, a fresh  graduate  of midwifery from Germany, came

and offered her services to Puericulture, one of the maternity and birthing centers in Toril.  She was the midwife of the newly-born baby girl who’ was named after her, “Baby Sabrina.” And for the second time, a baby boy was born.  She was working from one center to another until she applied to St. John Hospital; she was working there until her last days in Toril.
She and Eva (Filipino midwife in Toril) conducted a seminar about family planning to parents of San Jose and St. Jude kindergarten. There were pregnants too who joined the orientation. She distributed the condoms for free to all who have attended the seminar.

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Sabrina as a nature lover! It was her own idea that apart from being a midwife, she could do something different

and that was to help save the environment by CLEAN-UP. But that was just the beginning. Scholars and group leaders joined together to continue what Sabrina had started.

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We want to thank each one of you for the enriching energy you shared with us. You are extraordinarily compassionate people. And yes, you’re not paid in money but you will surely be paid with love by many Filipinos. We might forget what you did but we will never ever forget how it made us feel. Thank you so much…