Teenage Rebecca Ruetz came in Davao,Philippines on end of March 2014. She was accommodated

and was taken care of by Sally Ornido (KTEP Sewer). She was the first volunteer to stay in the newly-constructed volunteer’s room. During the first week, she had embraced KTEP indoor and outdoor activities. She helped in cleaning the surroundings, watering the plants, cleaning the music and computer room. She visited some houses of scholars.  She joined distribution of clothes.

Below are some pictures of her, working in KTEP project:
rebecca ilse 4rebecca ilse 5

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Picture taking after wall painting

Rebecca went to see DCC

and St. Peter schools and was entertained by the staff. She also spent an extraordinary days to visit the scholars.

rebecca ilse 9rebecca ilse 10





It was a mission accomplished of Rebecca

and Helen (Dentist’s Assistant) to teach the pupils of Sta. Clara public grade school the proper way of brushing teeth and gums. One by one, children did the brushing to a giant tooth-brushing-model. Afterwards, they began the distribution of toothbrushes and toothpastes. Children were off-to-school and went home with toothbrush and toothpaste.


Her days in the project became livelier when her loving mother Ilse arrived on May 12. Second day seemed to be very long. They grabbed the chance to visit some of the scholars who at the moment waiting for their turn to be given sponsors who will support them.



Fresh from Samal Isl

and trip, they were surprised with a party on Sunday, May 18. It was supposed to be the day of their departure but since Ilse wished to see the scholars, she at last decided to leave on Monday. It was Patrick and Queen Baillo (scholar) who were the emcees. Scholars were singing and dancing. Rebecca and Ilse also tried dancing the “Pandanggo sa Ilaw”, a popular folk dance in the Philippines that uses lighted-candles as props. Parlor games made the party even more fun.

rebecca 17 rebecca 18 rebecca 19 rebecca ilse 20 rebeccailse 23

Deep in our hearts, we would like to THANK YOU REBECCA

and ILSE RUETZ for the lucky chance of knowing you. It was an honor for us to be visited by the great special people like you. Those beautiful memories with you will never be forgotten. DANKE 🙂

rebecca ilse 34