On January 12, 2010 The family KTEP heartily welcomed the brass band from Kressbronn. This time, the musicians are the audience of the program as the German scholars with their parents rendered some traditional Filipino dances depicting Filipino culture. But in the middle of the beat the band took the center stage and made an exclusive performance to the KTEP family. Everybody was very happy and amazed by their performance.

The highlight of the day, however, that when 12 members of the band promptly came to the Reinhold founders and Aurora and told them that they want to sponsor students and help them to finish their studies. Tears and unexplainable joy filled the crowd as the new scholars met their sponsors personally. Even the founder himself was very touched as he thanked his co-germans for making an endeavor to help the Filipino youth. The day ended with new hopes for the newly accepted scholars and great pride for the new sponsors.

Here are some glimpse during the welcome party ….

sponsorMV1 copy

sponsorMV2 copy


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