The new oven

and rolling pin machines.

It has been the dream of Aurora to build a free bakery for all the scholars, children of the two kindergarten

and to all beneficiaries whom their stomachs are in need to be fill in with food. Establishing this project is not as easy as it thought. But through the help of a couple from Kressbronn the dream comes into a realization.

 The bakery will supply fresh breads to scholars during Sunday meetings

and during their monthly disco so that they can save money instead of buying snacks outside which cost them some peso. The bakery will also supply the children in our kindergarten during feeding day.

 Since the baking machines

and other equipments are expensive, Mr. Uli Gabriel and his friends from Biberach shared some of the expenses and donated an amount to buy a rolling pin.

 And finally last Saturday the Team together with Maya were able to purchased all the machines

and equipments that are needed in the new bakery.

Early next week is the target completion of the bakery

and hopefully the baker can start baking its first set of breads for everybody. All the scholars and even the parents of the scholars are very happy and excited as they heard the good news. 

Someday interested visitors from Germany can already bake

and share their original German breads and cakes to the people of Toril.Laughing

This project will not be realized without the big help

and support of Dr. and Dra. Genesis. Because of their trust to Aurora and Reinhold the KTEP can now provide fresh bread for everybody.

In behalf of all the scholars

and children of our kindergarten, we would like to use this opportunity to thank Dr. Peter and Dra. Petra Genesis of Kressbronn for your great gratitude and support and to Mr. Uli Gabriel and his friends for supporting and believing in our project! DANKE SCHOEN! THANK YOU and SALAMAT!!!

Below are the pictures taken from the construction of the bakery up to the actual purchase of the machines

and equipments…

bakery3 bakery13

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                                                                  Our carpenters are very industrious and busy in building the new bakery.

bakery4 bakery5

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and daughter lisa made a pose with the new rolling pin.  

Maya took a pose before the delivery truck full of machines

and bakery equipments.

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Men helped together in loading

and unloading the machines from the back of the delivery truck.


                                                                           The carpenters were excited in unpacking the equipments.