Summer is over and it is time for KTEP students to return to school. Ahead is another school year full of valuable new opportunities and learnings!


At present KTEP have 242 scholars, 214 of which are college students, 25 high school students and 3 elementary students. We have welcomed 39 new scholars into the project thanks to the sponsors who generously support these children and enable them to start or continue their studies.


The KTEP scholars have also received new uniforms for the Sunday meetings. Every year, each level gets its assigned colors with different sayings that best reflect what should be the attitude and motivation of the year level. The purple shirts are for elementary and high school scholars, green for 1st year college, blue for 2nd year college, orange for 3rd year college, and yellow for 4th year college. These new uniforms can now help us easily identify which year level a scholar belongs to.



Thank you sponsors, for your kind-hearted support to the project, and for your help to the young people of Toril.