tables  chairs 1

We are lucky enough to receive another great contribution from a German couple who both celebrated their birthdays. Instead of a gifts for themselves, they were pleased to accept donations for the KTEP water. Since many of them who volunteered, we’re able to finance it for San Josekindergarten needs. 70 children of two sessions, morning

and afternoon, could avail the 39 new chairs and 6 tables, perfect time for the school year 2012-2013 opening.

Here are some pictures during the first day of class:

tables  chairs 4 tables  chairs 3 tables  chairs 2

It’s nice to watch children doing their seatworks, sitting

and writing in the newly made and colorful painted tables and chairs.

Thanks to the good heart of Mr. Rudi 

and Mrs. Rosi Singer, we were able to produce pieces of furniture which are very important to the children’s learning. We are extremely touched by your generosity and selflessness. Our cute little angels will surely be safe and comfortable in their seats during class hours.

Unsere verspätete Geburtstagsgrüße an Euch beide!!!