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Scholars’ parents were helping each other in pulling big tranks

and brunches of trees to free the area for fence construction

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Because our government is no longer interested to continue the kindergarten located in St. Jude Village Daliao, Toril, Davao City

and they can’t anymore afford to sustain the salary of the teacher, the KTEP decided to continue what they have started. More or less 100 pupils will be affected if this project will be close, that is why KTEP with these great people from Germany take the responsibilty of continuing this project. Last March 31, 2011, fence construction in St. Jude Kindergarten started. KTEP did the first step and that is to keep children safe and being protected from outsiders through building fence around. Fence is also build to free the area from dirt cause by the people outside. They want to make sure that children will be safe staying inside as well as their parents expecting them to be safe too.

Children are surely safe inside together with their teacher as they  go to school this coming June 2011.

With all the support of Rotary Club of Bregenz who bought the l

and where this project is located and with the great support of Mr. Thomas Kinz who is a Rotarian of Bregenz , to Irene and Franz Ehrle for their donation and financial support , from the bottom of our hearts we would like to say “Thank You Very Much” for your support. Building a fence is not merely a big help for the children’s learnings but for their safety assurance as well.