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Here came again, another volunteer Philip Söchtig who arrived last 12th of August 2013. He’s been working in KTEP more than 1 month now. He works in Vales (vegetable garden), he does cultivating, planting, harvesting and also help in selling. Like our 3 preceding volunteers, he, too, has gone through different activities.

Below are some photos of  him (Philip) working in Vales:

philip 5 philip 4 philip 3 philip 2

He’s been active too playing with the children in the kindergarten

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   handing-over of pens, pencils  sharpener to Ma’am Rose (teacher)

He is also teaching basic computer course 3 sessions starting 7:30 to 10:30 during Sunday morning.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????Release of certificates to 9 scholars who were able to attend Sunday Computer lesson

He, together with the team went on distributing 2 boxes of clothes to the poor area of Lawis Toril. Residents, kids and grown-ups received clothing and toys.


Philip and his family decided to have their own scholar. Now, they have 2 new scholars  and they will support them starting this October, 2nd semester.

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Calvin Burias                                                                                                          Regner Suerte
(scholar of Philip’s parents, Corinna and Stefan Söchtig)                 (scholar of Philip and his brother Alexander and sister Katharina)

These two boys are so lucky as chosen. Calvin, 20 years old, same age as Philip and 4th oldest among the 8 children in the family, unfortunately, didn’t able to go to College after high school. His ill father who was working as a security guard, could hardly sustain their needs especially in education. Without hesitation, he widened his hope and applied for scholarship. Regner, on the otherhand was early orphaned by his mother and his father has another family and no longer support him. Now, he’s living with his loving grandparents who take care of him since then. They were both active and patient of waiting and it’s a big wish came true. Now they are part of the KTEP Family.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FAMILY SÖCHTIG for your kind-hearted support in helping less-fortunate Filipinos like Calvin and Regner. You are so wonderful. These teenagers will be possibly a  great-reach dreamer in the near future.

Our deepest and sincerest words of THANKS to PHILIP SÖCHTIG who’s been working and helping KTEP for 6 weeks. Your work experiences with us is worth it and extremely appreciated.