Organic farming refers to the way agricultural products and foods are grown and processed. Instead of using chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers or any artificial ingredients, we decided grow our vegetables organic. Our gardeners only used hot peppers and any other solutions that may help prevent the plants in getting damage from the insects and pest.

organic 2 organic 1

There are already more than two raised beds being constructed. From wood, we decided to construct concrete building blocks. In this way, we are assuring to have a better planting.

organic 3 organic 4

Gardeners started to collect animal manure and compost as fertilizers in order to improve the soil structure and at the same time produce more plentiful and healthier crops. Vegetables started to grow better at the moment with the help and idea of the Agriculturist.

organic 5 organic 6

coconut husk as raw material for organic fertilizer

Here are some pictures of planted vegetables:

organic 7

bell pepper

Gardeners put some banana sheaths on top of it, to protect it from too much heat of the sun and heavy rains.

organic 8


organic 10

pechay and eggplant

organic 11


organic 12


organic 13

cucumber (gurke)

organic 14

Basilikum (Genoveser)

organic 15

Petersilie (Gigante d’ Italia)

organic 18

Just like human and animals need water to survive, so do plants. A free-water flowing was placed inside the garden area to provide enough water needed to better grow of the vegetables. We are very thankful to the following sponsors of ROTARY CLUBSMontelimar (France), Nabeul-Neapolis(Tunisia) and Ravensburg (Germany). Your water donation is really a big help for the success of this gardening project.