Like our 2 previous volunteers, Jacqui Vogelgesang also desired to experience working in KTEP. Her wish has been granted as she finally reached the land of the Philippines on 3rd of July.

jacqui 1

A moment of picture taking with Jacqui 


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Jacqui playing lego and puzzle with the kids

In her excitement, despite of jetlag from a long trip, she woke up early the second day and started to work in one of our kindergartens, San Jose.

She is working as Ma’am Rose’s (teacher) assistant by helping children learning to write and read ABC’s and numbers, singing nursery rhymes and playing with them too. She also helps in cleaning the learning and playing room after class dismissal.

With her (Jacqui) pleasant smile and care for the children, she has able to build friendship and now kids feel comfortable being with  their “Ate Jacqui”.

jacqui 4 jacqui 5

 FEEDING TIME!   Jacqui (on the left photo) assisting a little boy washing his hands and feeding (right).  

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Distribution of bread to St. Jude Kiga

Jacqui visits some houses of kindergarten children.

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Not only in kindergarten, Jacqui also practices gardening and harvesting vegetable crops like bottle gourd and pechay.

  jacqui 11 jacqui 10

jacqui 12 jacqui 13

Jacqui’s first Sunday in the KTEP project building Scholars, Parents and group leaders  gathered round and sang a  welcome song

Early morning during “Sunday Get Together”, she’s in the building too, helping during bread distribution and joins playing games with the scholars.

jacqui 15 jacqui 14

Computer Tutorial Sessions has been resumed and the newly accepted scholars are the first batch to avail.

Jacqui is teaching some basic computer informations.

jacqui 17 jacqui 16

Jacqui  spends some time visiting water projects.  She’s been watching workers drilling the 145th water.

Our big round of applause for JACQUI VOGELGESANG for giving all her best to help the KTEP project! Her 2 months voluntary work is a worthwhile experience.

Vielen Dank!!!