We are so happy to present to you our new KTEP Dental Chair !!

“Prevention is always better than treatment”, this is what every dentist emphasize .It is very important to learn to maintain good dental hygiene

and the best way is to explain to all patients both children and adult the proper and correct way of brushing their teeth. Brushing of teeth three (3) times a day and regular visit to a dentist is a MUST. It is everyones responsibility to take good care of his/her teeth. It is every parents responsibility to teach each and every child to teach the simplest way of brushing teeth, avoid sweet sticky food as well as minimizing the softdrinks which has so much sugar. Having healthy teeth is not only to have better outlook or smile, but most especially we need it for chewing, biting, talking and many, many more functions they do in our body.

But how could one prioritize buying toothpaste

and toothbrush when one doesn´t have money even to buy food? It´s a sad reality, but it is very true. Especially the children suffer so much because parents do not see the necessity of oral health anymore. They have so much burden to carry everyday. Most of families have five to fourteen children. They cannot afford to go to a dentist. The money the family is earning, is hardly enough to buy rice and fish.

KTEP had started this Dental project last 2009. With a second h

and Dental chair from Germany, the project was able to served so many patients who suffered toothache. We had done so many extractions. Our local dentist, Dra. Roselyn Tamay actively helping minimizing the pain of the patients. Thou it´s an old chair, yet so many have benefited to this free service. Aside from those, KTEP give free toothbrush and toothpaste to all patients coming to our clinic, young and old. We had visited by number of German dentists who helped and sacrificed their holiday, instead they helped and worked for free for the sake of helping relieving the pain of the poor Filipino people. They were, especially very concern of the development of children´s teeth. The neglection of the basic need and care of oral hygiene brought them to the conclusion to save them from this disaster.

Something must be done !


Thanks to the brilliant

and clever ideas of our three German Dentists, Dr. Ute und Dr. Reinhold Fiegle and Dr. Georg Lilly we are able to extend our KTEP Dental Clinic, most especially through the initiative of Dra and Dr. Fiegle,by selling “old gold”, we have now a new modern Dental chair which give more possibilities to treat and save every teeth of our scholars and children . To Dr. Lilly whom after his arrival from Davao , very actively collecting ideas and money to give more help to the people of Toril.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING US THIS LUXUS treatment. It gives every child, especially our ktep scholars a better quality of life.

Vielen Herzlichen Dank !