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Bayanihan is a Filipino word that means communal unity or effort to achieve a particular objective. Today, at exactly seven o’clock in the morning the parents, scholars and KTEP staff made a bayanihan to decorate the KTEP building with Christmas symbols.

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Everyone is so busy doing their decorations, a group of fathers are busy building the small belen while a group of mothers are also busy decorating their Christmas tree.The materials that they used are very simple and recyclable which can be found in everywhere. This is our way of reducing the garbage in our area.  Most of the materials that are being used are: old newspapers and magazines for making the belen, used straws of soft drinks, unused tie wires, old coconut tree leaves and of course the used anesthesia bottles from our dental clinic. Old of these will be used to create our Christmas decoration.

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The finalization of the bayanihan will be done next week (Sunday) and will be posted here in KTEP website.